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Geb was the spirit of the earth in Kemetic mythology.

Images show him lying underneath his wife (Nut, goddess of the sky) and his father (Shu, god of the air). He reclines on one elbow with a knee and arm in the air. In this way he symbolized the valleys and hills of the land, which was called "The House of Geb." He is shown either as a dark or green skinned man (the colors of life, the soil of the Nile and vegetation, respectively) with leaves on his skin.

The religious center of Geb seems to be Heliopolis (near Cairo), where he and Nut produced the Great Egg from which the Sun-god sprang


gebsite : is a space to express a new vision for the planet. The images and writing are focused around what life can look like on a healthy, productive Earth. 






Born Days.

we are being rebuilt, yet to be born

Spine first, stay flexible

Flesh is filling out around the bone

 in these days

Spirit is fully present

we have come to love life, care for the Earth

create Ourselves in the process of service


We share beauty courageously

we produce child starz and

Sons coming close to us to sniff and learn


Thank you for love’s moment


cycling in pulses, in bursts of closeness

connecting through all distance

I beat this heart for your remote dance in sacred safety


I am the gratitude that gave me God

God as Love

Love as our joined purpose and shared fulfillment


Indeed we came for each other

we hold the vision matrix for everlasting exchanges

 where beauty is conceived

we pledge to nurture and birth

 this bold, beauty child

 with the same conception power that we use to improvise our responsibilities

supported by the rhythm within

We Make It All Possible

Another language


short tones

rearranged words

Pointing toward internal clearings

where we can sit and breathe deep, touch the flavor

of forgotten late morning bright Sun

We are always alone

 and surrounded by the world of limitless detail

it is simply our attention  projecting and focusing our light


But how do we fall


In this depth of


limitless expanse of the night sky

in our mind’s eye

The stars can dance or stop still

as we are preoccupied by the rush of love

triggered by meaningless gestures

We are the source of our passion

and the only natural object of our affection


Were it not for the LOVE source vivifying our senses

there would be no gasping over the expectation of heartbreak

or ecstasy


We make it all possible

The timeless, personless Love

Me and Desire


Coming to myself again I say to you we are valuable and full of gifts to share. we are covered in grace and guided by the purity of our desire to serve.  Lets unite.  Let us come as one.  I am with power and peace.  I am in patience and creation.  It is becoming clear that the surrounding souls are my desires.  I welcome each one home to its source of origin.  As we reunite I wash and feed the desire, self born, with the best that I have to offer, only to the amount that is necessary.  This is the moment of discernment and greatness.  I am the tool in the intention of the fearless, guilt free, blissful artist.  I am here to create harmony and balance.  Long released desires that have been twisted and made corrupt over untold time trapped in the crowded void of psychic space are floating this way.  A faint desire released in a moment of drowsiness in a previous lifetime returns to me now full grown and fleshy, wanting only to return home. Will I deny her in fear of her power?  Will I rebuke due to the filth that has attached to her clothing during the attacks and wrong turns on her journey in the maze of mind?  I am with power and patience, active and at rest during this moment of collaboration.  A duet with my very own mate of desire returning as a thought form, ready to attack or be welcomed in.

A Fathers Company

The Sound is company from Inside


I swallow beauty from memory

Children laugh as bells

What is a father

We offer semen infused with a silent secret


We serve as maid and builder for women

we hope to mate with

We are ruled by their opinions

only as we fall powerless to our desire


Our sex can be power

Our ability to rise forces power through our begging whispers

for pleasure


We can wait

even as we plead in a show of attraction

these are the colors of the peaCock dance


We can lead

as we continue to learn the route many disagree with

The route that leads to the trailhead of birth


Come look at this beauty


We are co-creators

now we are family

Let there be naps and long walks up steep hills


We eat soup and herbs grown in our yard

Our parents preserved the wealth

We must open the house to forgotten family


pick up the actions of courage


love from deep recognition

See service

See tears and scars of parents pierced to the


by acknowledgement of our protection


Silence adds dust clouds to new decisions

now we hold sparkled eyes

silent lips race our heart beat toward one another


Come stand ready

you cannot frighten your mother with children she has dreamt of

Our fathers live to be extended another opportunity to LOVE

These are our Gods and bestowers of fortune


the sacrifices are real

Indeed we pay homage to Mother Earth as we listen to

laughter lessons

swaddled in suggestive advice


The bodies of women swell and gain power

from barely a mouth full of

milk sap

splashed over the cells that materialize

breast water and wider hips

These are miracles seen

We close our eyes to follow

the silver heart string in the

web of our relations





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